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  • How long does the band play?
    Our base package includes up to 180 minutes of playtime with no set exceeding 90 minutes.
  • How is the set list determined?
    We provide our full catalog of songs then collaborate with you to build a set based on your song selections and our expertise. We don't call it a "set list" because nothing is set. We call songs on the fly and keep the dance floor full by always playing the right song at every moment.
  • Does the band bring their own sound & lighting equipment?
    Yes, Ear Candy's professional sound, PA and lighting systems are included in our standard package. The band's production is designed to deliver maximum results with minimum space and electrical requirements.
  • How far is advance does the band book events?
    The best time to reserve the band is now, as bookings are handled on a first come, first served basis. Generally the band books out for weddings 8-14 months in advance and corporate and charity events 3-6 months in advance.
  • Does the band take song requests?
    Yes, our standard package includes two requests not in our current library, the band takes requests from our extensive repertoire list, and can learn additional special requests for a fee.
  • How is the band reserved?
    A $1,000 deposit and signed performance contract are required to reserve the band's services. We accept cash, checks, Venmo, PayPal and Zelle payments.
  • Does the band travel out of town?
    Ear Candy is based in Chicago, Illinois. We are available for regional and national travel.
  • What is the band's alcohol policy?
    Unless invited by the host, it is band policy that no alcohol shall be consumed while on stage, nor should the band partake in open bars at private events.
  • Does the band play background music during breaks?
    Yes, just provide the music genres you'd like or send the list of the songs you'd like to hear during breaks and we'll load up our laptop to play during breaks.
  • What are the electrical requirements?
    Ear Candy requires a minimum of four (4) 20 Amp 120V independent power feeds.
  • What size stage does the band require?
    In order for Ear Candy to deliver their signature, high-energy performances, the band requires a stage or paved area measuring 16' x 12' minimum.
  • Does the band offer music for ceremonies as well?
    Yes, ceremony music can be provided by your choice of musicians or through our sound system.
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